Use of the HAZOP Analysis for Evaluation of CVD Reactors

Use of the HAZOP Analysis for Evaluation of CVD Reactors 
W.W. Crawford – AT&T Laboratories (SSA Journal Volume 5 Number 2 – June 1991 pp. 26 – 30 )

Before equipment is installed at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Allentown, a hazard and operability (HAZOP) analysis is done. Through a systematic process, a team leader guides a group of knowledgeable individuals through the equipment design to discover the hazards and the operating range of the equipment. During this HAZOP analysis, the equipment engineer responsible for the CVD process becomes aware of all aspects of the equipment from the electrical and chemical hookup of the process chamber to the treatment of the effluent. At our facility, HAZOP analysis has proven to be an effective tool. We present a sample HAZOP analysis for an MOCVD installation along with the short, easy-to-use questionnaire that the responsible engineer completes before the HAZOP analysis begins.



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