Assessing the readiness of your newest acquisition: What to be prepared for

When you are looking to build or acquire a new site, it isn’t as simple as getting the keys – there are many types of risk that need to be assessed and understood the make sure you are prepared for any emergency that may occur. Moreso, to make sure that the community is prepared for all the new risks that you are introducing to the environment as well. This presentation will provide a primer of the types of risk to be on the lookout for, initial steps for due diligence of Emergency Management and Business Continuity programs, as well as how to start identifying community stakeholders.

With David Bernstein, Principal Consultant of BSI

Mr. Bernstein has over 15 years of experience in emergency response, emergency management, and business continuity and resilience planning. As a resilience professional, he has overseen planning and response initiatives in healthcare for multi-facility health networks and acted as a strategic advisor for multi-agency initiatives and healthcare coalitions. Outside of healthcare he has developed and lead global resilience initiatives to increase levels of corporate preparedness. He continues to act as a valued strategic planning partner for clients with local and global footprints on emergency planning and business continuity initiatives.


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