Controlling the Nanotechnology Genie

October 10, 2018, 4:00 PM EDT

EU-OSHA Nanomaterials Info Sheet

OSHA Nanomaterials Fact Sheet

The explosion of nanomaterial-related research continues as does the number of patents and the number of nano-enabled products being brought to the market. The projections for the market for nanomaterials and nano-enabled products continue to reach into the trillions of dollars per year. However, studies have determined that, some nanomaterials have unpredictable effects on biological systems and the implications from nanomaterials exposures are not yet well known. Companies producing or using nanomaterials must address the potential hazards of nanomaterials in the workplace and in the environment. This presentation will provide an overview of nanotechnology basics, an inventory of some of the latest nanotechnology-based products, a discussion of some of the potentially applicable regulations and guidelines and describe and highlight the benefits of a proactive EHS approach.

Presenters: Bill Looney is a Senior Program Manager with over 30 years of experience in management of a diverse array of environmental projects and programs in the US and in over 20 other countries. As Director of AECOM Environment’s Nanotechnology Initiative he is responsible for coordination and direction of a multidisciplinary, multinational team of internal AECOM experts and external university collaboration partners to assist clients in addressing nanotechnology-related issues. He developed AECOM’s nanotechnology use policy and procedures and has been involved with nanotechnology-related projects in the US, Australia, China, Czech Republic and Russia.Bill has made a number of nanotechnology presentations to clients and professional organizations. These included topics related to nanotechnology background and developments; human health and environmental risks from nanomaterials; use of nanomaterials in remediation of environmental releases and the requirement for proactive audits of nanomaterial handling practices. AECOM’s Nanotechnology Initiative has been awarded the Environmental Business Journal’s Business Achievement Award for Best New Practice Area and AECOM America’s Thought Leadership Award.


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