CS Clean Solutions – MOCVD Safety in R&D and Manufacturing

May 10, 2017, 4:00 PM EST

As a deposition process, MOCVD has long since made its way into mainstream manufacturing, and for the coming years will remain a key technology enabling the critical components of many modern-day devices, ranging from cell phones to photovoltaic cells. Given the toxicity, combustibility and, in particular, the high flows of process gases used in III-V epitaxy, the handling of process effluent is considerably more critical to workforce and plant safety than in conventional silicon manufacturing.

CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS webinar will provide an overview of the gases and precursors used in MOCVD processing and address the safety-critical area of exhaust gas abatement.

Joe Guerin studied chemistry at the Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland, from where he graduated with a National Diploma in Chemistry in 1981. The first eight years of his career were spent in the pharmaceutical and automobile industries where he worked as a chemical analyst.

Joe has been with his present company, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS, since 1990 and has accompanied the ongoing development of its products to the present day. His experience comprises more than 20 years working with customers in the United States, Asia and Europe in the areas of gas safety and exhaust gas management within the semiconductor, photovoltaic and related industries

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