Investigative Photography

November 9, 2016 4:00 PM EST

Photography preserves the facts of an incident long after site conditions and memories have changed. Carelessly taken pictures can confuse your investigative efforts and erode your credibility in legal proceedings. Second chances to recapture the scene aren’t always possible. Safety professionals must learn to take pictures properly the first time. Safety professionals may be called upon to recommend and purchase equipment, consult on the development of procedures and protocol that establish authenticity, teach internal resources such as incident responders, identify and liaise with external photographers when activating a company’s crisis management plan, and provide court testimony. Webinar attendees will learn best practices and concerns surrounding digital image capture, image correction and archiving. Incident scene photos will be scrutinized to ensure participants can differentiate between correct and incorrect images.

Jonathan Jacobi is a Senior EHS Advisor at Underwriters Laboratories with 20+ years of environment, health and safety experience. He is a Certified Safety Professional who earned master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Safety from Murray State University. Jonathan was instrumental in the development of newly released semiconductor safety content. He shares his expertise with the safety community through presentations and other forms of thought leadership.

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