TMA Fire Testing R&D – Can Use of Metal Organic Pyrophoric Liquids Be Fire Safe?

October 19, 2016, 2:00 PM EDT

The semiconductor industry continues to develop new process technologies to meet ever-changing demand requirements and achieve new manufacturing milestones. The use of these new “Energetic” materials (pyrophoric, water reactive, and unstable chemicals) are quickly moving from R&D to full production in ALD, MOCVD, PECVD, Epi, etc. and likewise the quantities of these chemicals stored onboard and in bulk delivery systems are also increasing at a rapid pace. The use of these new chemicals have increased the fire risk while also increasing the fire detection and suppression challenges. KFPI has been conducting trimethyl-aluminum (TMA) Fire Testing R&D for over 1yr. to determine how to 1st reliably detect these fires and 2nd suppress and control these fires… if possible. KFPI will present the data, results, and actual fire test videos from various small and large scale fire tests. KFPI will also be showing promising new test data on future fire suppression and control technologies for these pyrophoric metal organics.

Speaker: Matt Wyman, KFPI Managing Director & CTO

Bio: Matt Wyman is the Managing Director & CTO of KFPI LLC who specializes in fire safety solutions for the global semiconductor industry with offices throughout USA, Asia, & Europe. Matt began his career as Semiconductor Loss Prevention Specialist with FM Global and has been designing, consulting, and reviewing fire safety solutions for semiconductor equipment for the past 20+ years. Matt currently serves as the Leader of the SEMI Standards Committee for Fire Protection, active participant in SEMI/ISMI Energetics Task Force Committee, active Member of the NFPA 318 and NFPA 12 Committees, serves on the SESHA BOD, and has presented on various fire safety topics at SESHA Annual Symposium & Local Chapter Events many times in the past.

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