TMAH Toxicity and Controls Update

November 8, 2017, 4:00 PM EDT

There are a growing number of semiconductor processing applications which may TMAH at high concentrations and elevated temperatures. Tool suppliers, chemical formulators, and semiconductor manufacturers may not be aware of TMAH’s high acute systemic toxicity.

This presentation describes:

  • Current information on the acute systemic toxicity in humans and supporting data in animals.
  • Results of toxicity testing in animals, sponsored by IBM and others, on the effects of repetitive dermal contact and the potential underlying mechanisms of toxicity.
  • Evaluation and safety precautions implemented by IBM and others to minimize the potential risk.Authors (in alphabetical order):
    Bradford Brooks Ph.D.; Thomas Diamond, MS CIH; Kathleen DiZio, MA, DABT; Richard Melville, MS, CIH; Ernest Timlin, MS, CIH, CSP; Brooke Tvermoes Ph.D.

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