What the Heck is a SHEMQS? A Busy EHS Manager–and More

SESHA Webinar What the Heck is a SHEMQS? A Busy EHS Manager–and More April 15, 2020, 4:00 PM EST

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Webinar Speakers:

Mark Heaney and Erika Erikson, CIH/CSP

Executive Summary of the Webinar:

It doesn’t fit on his business card, but one manufacturing plant manager is known informally at his company as the SHEMQS: Safety, Health, Environment, Maintenance, Quality and Sustainability manager. It’s a lot—and it’s a reflection of how multi-tasking is becoming an increasing part of the manufacturing business environment, especially for those with EHS responsibilities. Maintaining a safe workplace in compliance with OSHA regulations is a critical business function, but one that is often just a part of an ESH manager’s daily activities. Emerging chemistries, regularly changing regulatory focus points and a wave of plant modernizations and capital upgrades present constant challenges to plant health and safety programs. For EHS managers with many responsibilities, this highlights a need to identify and address potential gaps in plant health and safety compliance that can occur, while also ensuring all routine training and recordkeeping is maintained. AlterEcho will present recent case studies from two manufacturing plants that highlight different approaches and management methods for EHS managers on maintaining an effective and compliant Health & Safety program and a responsive Environmental program, while also managing multiple roles and responsibilities. Mock inspections, gap analysis, integration with plant MIS tools and delegation techniques will be covered as approaches to managing efficiently managing compliance in a complex and evolving work environment.


Speaker Biographies:

Mark Heaney has more than 25 years of environmental management experience, with an extensive background in regulatory compliance, compulsory labeling and product stewardship. He has worked with utilities, food companies, chemical manufacturers, consumer products groups, non-profit corporations and other organizations, assisting them in development of best practices for regulatory compliance, supply chain management, shipping, and materials characterization. He has managed several large contracts for the US EPA, focusing on issues such as hazardous materials characterization, regulatory oversight and pollution prevention.

Erika Erikson, CIH and CSP, has more than 30 years of EHS management experience, with a broad background in regulatory compliance, industrial hygiene, EHS program development, review and implementation, project management, remediation strategies, laboratory safety and EHS auditing and training. She has held several management and oversight positions, with extensive experience and expertise in environmental rules and regulations, corporate safety and health, industrial hygiene and safety, security and the law.


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