A Study On Odor Reduction for Semiconductor Industry

Park, No Hyeok; Kim, Sung Gon; Shin, Chong Su
(1,55,125 Hyangjeong-dong Hungduk-gu Cheongju 361-725 Repulic of Korea)

A Study On Odor Reduction for Semiconductor Industry No-Hyeok Park, Sung-Gon Kim, Chong-Su Shin Cheong-Ju ESH Team, Administrtion Division, Hynix Semiconductor Inc. 1,55,125 Hyangjeong-dong Hungduk-gu Cheongju 361-725 Repulic of Korea Tel : 82-43-280-2615, Fax : 82-43-280-2489, E-mail : nohyuck.park@hynix.com Odor is caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds that human being can perceive by the sense of olfaction and can feel unpleasant and disgusted. It is one kind of sensory pollution that results in physical and psychological harm. Especially, semiconductor industry have had difficulty in managing unclear odor as air pollutants generated by many kinds of gasesous chemical compounds and considering reduction measures. Hynix Semiconductor Inc. judged that odor problems will be issued by residents because the residential areas have been created close to Cheongju site. Therefore, our company put technical measures to practical use for odor management generated from semiconductor plant. In first step, the correlation between the concentration of exit specific compounds(e.g. HF, NH3) and the odor was considered for selecting odor index. The complex odors in itself were selected for the optimal management index. In second step, reduction characterisitics by emission sources for the practical use of odor reduction were studied. Especially, the exhaust part of the thin film process had the highest odor concentration based on the result derived from the priority for the classification of the emission odors. A wet scrubber in installed to treat the odor intensively between the plasma scrubber to decompose PFC gas at high temperature and the final wet scrubber. Also, the odor removal efficiency of Hume generated from SC-1 wastewater(Mixed of NH4OH and H2O2) improved with building the wet scrubber (H2SO4 neutralization) for NH3. Its process is seperated from existing wet scrubber(NaOH neutralization) for acid. Hynix Semiconductor Inc. was able to decrease about 70% of complex odors in 2010 compared to 2009 with the odor reduction technologies as state above. Odor monitoring systems for odor quality analysis and real-time management are being currently investigated. This research introduces our company’s odor reduction control system for win-win strategy between the semiconductor industries and the nearby residents.

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