Achieve More, With Lean Ergonomics Six Sigma

DiIeso, Anthony
(EORM, San Jose, CA / EORM, Woburn, MA)

The current economy and competitive pressures continue to force the need for organizations to reduce costs, in result, the value of implementing Lean principles coupled with workplace ergonomic improvements and Six Sigma has become evident. Resource constraints faced by most organizations make it essential to prioritize improvement opportunities so that available energy is focused on solving the problems that have the most impact to business and productivity with a bi-product of health and safety. Lean, ergonomics, and Six Sigma can produce significant benefits to companies that are seriously committed to a scalable and sustainable approach to reduce costs. This presentation will document how ergonomics can become an important role in an integrated continuous improvement initiative. Successful ergonomics approach while demonstrating value to stack holders will be discussed through a series of case studies. The case studies will outline an effective process and toolset resulting in 50-75% Reduction in ergonomic risk factors and 30-80% Improvement in operational efficiency. Objectives -Understand the importance of integrating Ergonomics into Operational Excellence Initiatives -The ability to communicate the use of Ergonomics as a way to demonstrate Value to business leadership and shareholders -Differentiate between the use of a Risk Management vs. consequence management approach to Ergonomics -Understand root cause of problem & implement Effective Improvements

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