SESHA 32nd Annual Symposium (2010)

SESHA will hold its 32nd Annual International High Technology ESH Symposium and Exhibition at the Hilton Scottsdale in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ, April 26-29, 2010. The Hilton is located in the heart of Scottsdale, with easy access to several championship golf courses and surrounded by world class shopping, dining, museums and recreational activities.


April 26 (Monday)

PDC #1/1A:
8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Training
Zephyr Environmental Corporation, Full day

PCD #2:
Boot Camp (part 1)
S. Creighton, et. al., Half day morning

PDC #1:
Continues from morning

PCD #2b:
Boot Camp (part 2)
S. Creighton, et. al., Half day afternoon

PCD #3:
Sustainability 101 for the High Tech ESH Professional
A. Zude, Half day afternoon

PDC #4:
Ethics for the EHS Professional
J. Teets

April 27 (Tuesday)

PDC #5:
Exhaust Gas Management
M. Sherer, Half day morning

PDC #6:
Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment
L. Laurin, Half day morning

Opening Ceremony and Awards Presentation

Analyzing the Recovery
Bill McClean, IC Insights

Wayne Cran: Raytheon Sustainability Integration

April 28 (Wednesday)

Student Paper Session

GHG Roundtable

Safety / IH
How to Survive a Corporate Environmental, Safety, Health, & Fire Protection (EHS&FP) Audit

RegenSi™: Low Carbon Footprint Alternative Wafer Reclaim Solution for Extending Life Cycle of Silicon Test Wafers
M.Korzenski, P.Jiang

Digital Imaging for the EHS Professional

ISMI Risk Screening Tool

DHS Presentation
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – Implementing the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

PV / Solar Manufacturing EHS
Photovoltaic Research & Hydrazine: A case study addressing the EHS hazards surrounding a novel approach to depositing an absorber layer using a hydrazine-base precursor.
J.Gardner-Dimitri, A.Prabhakar

Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Technology EHS Challenges
C.Ghelli, M.Sherer

Safe, Reliable Silane Supply for the PV Industry
J.VanOmmeren*, J.Cecchini, D.Tavianini

Approach to LEED EB: O&M Certification for Intel’s Fab 32 Ocotillo Campus

Industry Challenges as We Move Through the Materials Era

Energy/Utility Conservation
Exhaust/Energy Strategies For Fabs

ISMI’s CleanCalc II Fab Energy and Utility Simulator

Codes and Regulations / Chemical Regs
Fire Safety Compliance – Why Does it Appear to be the Least Important SEMI S2 Safety System?

Meeting NFPA 70E\’s Revised Requirements for Arc Flash

REACHing Asia Continued

EHS Regulatory Forecast: what EHS regulatory trends should the semiconductor industry anticipate around the world over the coming three to five years?
J.Welsch, P.Beatley

Environmental Practices
Lessons Learned and Integration of Gas Supplier for PSM/RMP for Semiconductor Fab

Key Environmental Performance Indicators (KEPIs) for the Semiconductor Industry
L.Beu, S.Trammell

Lessons Learned Round Table
Large-Scale Emergency Exercise Planning: from Concept to

April 29 (Thursday)

Semiconductor Nanomaterial Studies
AIHA Nanotechnology Working Group; Chairman’s Report on State-of-the-Science

Intel Corporation\\\’s Nanomaterial Control Programs

Getting the good stuff and avoiding the bad: How is EPA regulating industrial nanoscale materials to achieve environmental benefits?

GHG Emissions & Tracking / Climate Change
Greenhouse Gases and Byproducts Calculation Methodologies

Monitoring PFCs in the Electronics Industry: Instrumental Considerations
J.Van Gompel

Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Emerging Greenhouse Gas Regulations

The Impact of Social Media on Sustainability Reporting: New Risks & Opportunities

Sustainability: Creating Value Using the Five Basics

Emerging ESH Issues
ESH Best Known Methods and Results from Various Industry Surveys
S.Trammell, L.Beu

ESH Metrics & Management Systems
Achieve More, With Lean Ergonomics Six Sigma

Benefits of Third-Party Semiconductor Tool Installation Review and Verification Services
C.Torres, C.Albaugh

Implementation of a Quantifiable Risk Tolerance Program and it\\\\\\\’s resultant benefits.
A.Author 2: Scott Swanson, A.Author 4: James VanOmmeren, A.Author 6: Heath Foott

ESH Metrics

Codes and Regulations / Chemical Regs
The Codes of the Future are Here
R.Hanselka, J.Guhl

Emerging ESH Issues
EH&S Challenges Shutting Down a Semiconductor Factory- “Not as Simple as Sweeping the Floors and Closing the Doors”/a>
B.Britton, H.Hunsaker

450mm EHS

First Solar Sustainability Program
Lisa Kruger – First Solar

Closing Ceremony and Prize Drawing




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