Achieving Inherently Safe Design

Ffrench, Richard
(FM Global, Johnston, RI)

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The semiconductor industry has been effectively incorporating safety and loss prevention into the design of their facilities, by providing state of the art safety, control, and protection systems. In addition the industry has been a leader in the concepts associated with inherently safe design – by eliminating the hazard and exposure. We will review various methodologies and successes with the use of construction materials. We will explore the challenges in maintaining inherently safe design with the use of new materials, chemicals, and processes; and review best practices for change management. And as we move forward in the next generations of technology in fabs, the impact of events will be larger and the value of inherently safe design will be critical to successfully mitigating these risks. Through your partnerships within the safety community, we can begin to identify the risks and opportunities to achieve and maintain inherently safe fabs.

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