Addressing the Missing Link in PFC Abatement.

Fried, Amram*
(Ecozone Technologies, Ltd., Kadima, ISRAEL.)

A novel approach in electrically exciting gaseous medium by means of double-dielectric-barrier-discharge providing an answer to the elusive CF4 gas decomposition. The construction of the reactor apparatus and the accompanying established process shall be presented, exhibiting an economically sound solution that bridges the current gap in abatement solutions to the PFC pollutant family. The micro-discharge induced abatement process uses no additive gases and thus provides a simple and easy to implement solution for the decomposition of PFCs released during plasma etching or chemical vapor deposition processes. High decomposition efficiency (~95%) of 10,000 ppm (1%) CF4 gas diluted in pure nitrogen is achieved within the conditions characterizing the gas flow “after” the roughing pump.

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