SESHA 26th Annual Symposium (2004)

SESHA 2004 Annual Symposium

April 13-16, 2004
DoubleTree Paradise Valley
5401 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Back to the Future

SESHA ’04 returns to Scottsdale, Arizona! This years theme symbolizes the return of the symposium to its original location and the significance of SESHA’s roots (as the SSA) on the association’s future.

Building on our success and your feedback, the SESHA symposium planning committee is working diligently to ensure SESHA ’04 will meet the diverse needs of our industry and be your most valuable symposium experience in 2004.

All online information regarding the SESHA 2004 Symposium can be accessed from this page. Changes and updates will be posted as they become available.


April 13 (Tuesday)

PDC1 #1
Sustainability, Hi-Tech, and ESH
Rajesh Shah, Eric Olson; The Natural Step, San Francisco, CA

PDC #2
Safety Considerations for Ion Implanters
Steven Roberge; Axcelis Technologies, inc.

PDC #3
Advanced Code Compliance – Where Are We Now?
William Acorn; Acorn Consulting Services, Tucson, AZ

PDC #4
Building Credibility For Your EH&S Program : Strategies to Increase Value to Your Organization
David Tighe; Bovo-Tighe, LLC, Bellevue, WA

PDC #5
Enhancing the Performance of Your EMS
Joseph Dufresne; EORM, Inc., Stoneham, MA

PDC #6
Advanced Code Compliance – How to Enhance Life Safety by Going the Extra Mile
William Acorn; Acorn Consulting Services, Tucson, AZ

PDC #7
How To Install Tools And Manage The Change Process – An Applied Materials Case Study
Susan Creighton, Aaron Zude, Varun Gopalakrishna; Applied Materials, Inc., Santa Clara, CA; Facilities and Safety Solutions, Newark, CA; Environmental & Occupational Risk Management, Sunnyvale, CA

PDC #8
Electrical Safety For The Non-Electrical Engineering Safety Professional
Chris Evanston, Jeff Hamilton; Earth Tech

PDC #9
Electrical Safety For The Non-Electrical Engineering Safety Professional
Xochitl Monteon; Marsh

April 15 (Thursday)

An Overview of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
Benson, R.

Case Study: Progressive Safety Indicators — Assessment and Implementation Challenges
Schock, L.

A Discrepancy in Hydrogen Peroxide Air Sample Results for a CMP Maintenance Task – Case Study
Cole, K.

Reducing Electronic Waste in the Medical Device Industry
Liesmaki, J.

Supercritical CO2 Equipment Design Challenges
Fessler, M.

Earthquake Related Business Interruption Exposure and its Impact on the Semiconductor Industry
Wayne, D.

IH 101–Health Hazards in Microelectronics Processing
Aton, E.

Addressing the Missing Link in PFC Abatement.
Fried, A.

Understanding the Effect of Airborne Molecular Contamination on Production Yield and Environmental Management
Di Gangi, D.

Review of Texas Instruments’ Historical Industrial Hygiene Chemical Exposure Data
Schaefers, G.

Establishing Wastewater Process Goals in an Ever-changing Environment
Cooper, T.

A Discussion on Shift Work and Sleep Issues in Electronics Manufacturing Facilities
Lopez, M.

Boot Camp Session: Gas Detection System Basics
Deichmann, D.

Complete Exhaust Management for SiGe EPI Processes
Van Gompel, J.

Coupling and Related Ergonomic Issues for Manual Handling of 300 mm Front Opening Unified Pods, FOUPs
Hubbard, J.

Case Study: Review of UC-Berkeley Training Program
Tchong, M.

VOC Abatement by Bio Technology
Clegg, C.

Techniques for Cost Effective Risk Reduction
Davis, B.

Adverse Effects of Stress and Hazard Desensitization in the Work-Force for the Semiconductor Industry
Olson, W.

Managing EHS Globally
Hess, R.

Wastewater Management Strategy for the Copper CMP Process
Dietrich, J.

Multicultural Health, Safety and Environmental Management
Xu, X.

Advances in On-Site Solvent Reprocessing
Marks, D.

OHSAS 18001
Diggins, S.

Implementing a Global Air Indicator Solution at Intel
Higgs, T.

Multicultural Health, Safety and Environmental Management
Bade, R.

Regulatory Challenges Facing the Industry in Managing Hazardous Air Pollutants
Smylie, M.

Managing Chemicals In The Wake of Homeland Security
Hild*, N.

Developing Top Performers in Your EH&S Organization
Tighe, D.

Extending the Technology of Sub-Atmospheric Gas Storage and Delivery Systems
Mayer, J.

Semiconductor Emergency Response Forum (SERF) Roundtable

Electronics sector interest in EPA’s National Environmental Performance Track program
Foster, J.

April 16 (Friday)

Basic Gas and Chemical Safety
Benson, R.

Codes and Standards for Advanced Technology Facilities
Chasey, A.

The Evolution of Environmental Regulations
Wales, C.

Clearing the Confusion on TGO
Anderson, R.

Practical Guide to Toxic and Flammable Gas Detection in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment
Hogan, P.

Environmental Aspects of Emergency Response Operations
Williams, J.

Developments in Global Chemical Management and Preemptive Strategies for the Semiconductor Industry
Hatcher, J.

A Practical Approach To Hazardous Materials Declarations
Wilk, L.

Chemical Management Actions at the World Semiconductor Council
Jewett, J.

Challenges of Copper Waste Water Treatment in R&D Labs
Huynh, T.

Product Stewardship: Words Into Action
Majors, M.

Waste Minimization: Is It Cost Effective During Decommissioning and Decontamination
Belk, W.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
Bogansky, R.

Five Myths of Health and Productivity
Clavier, P.

A Management Systems Approach to Effective Business Interruption Planning for the Semiconductor Industry
Dominic N., P.

Infectious Diseases Applications in the Microelectronics Industry
Aton, E.

Emergency Response: Managing the Details of the Program
Caller, J.

The Semiconductor Industry Association Worker Health Project
Fraust, C.

Infectious Diseases Applications in the Microelectronics Industry
Monteon, X.

Searching The Toxicology Literature
Fischman, M.

SEMI’s BCP Guidelines for the Supply Chain
Monteon, X.

Closing Session & Business Meeting
John Cox



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