Advanced Code Compliance – How to Enhance Life Safety by Going the Extra Mile

Acorn, William
(Acorn Consulting Services, Tucson, AZ)

“Advanced Code Compliance – How to Enhance Life Safety by Going the Extra Mile” Presented by: William R. Acorn, PE Acorn Consulting Services, LLC Abstract: This half day professional development course on codes compliance strategies and their influence on facility safety relies on the attendee having at least a fundamental understanding of code compliance issues. The design, construction and operation of industrial facilities that are in compliance with codes and standards provides the owner a basic level of assurance of life safety. However, as we all know, the mandated code requirements may simply represent a starting point in terms of adequacy for a semiconductor manufacturing facility. One of the functions of the EHS professional is to be an advocate for design, construction and operational strategies that ensure the highest feasible level of safety to life and health. The real question is: How do you know what issues warrant going the extra mile? Participants ideas that they can take back to their working environment and put to practical use. Working from a framework that outlines the code compliance features that are most likely to warrant enhancement, Mr. Acorn will present a systematic analysis methodology that can be used by the participants to make decisions about the need for, and the form of such enhancements. Participants will be challenged to think critically about real world issues in their working environments that have been or could have been problematic and to consider alternatives that could or would have, mitigated the situations. Participants will work in small teams to collaborate and brainstorm hypothetical (yet real world) challenges to enhance their critical thinking about the development of effective strategies.

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