Advanced Code Compliance – Where Are We Now?

Acorn, William
(Acorn Consulting Services, Tucson, AZ)

SESHA 2004 Symposium Professional Development Course – Alternative 2: “Advanced Code Compliance – Where Are We Now?” Presented by: William R. Acorn, PE Acorn Consulting Services, LLC Draft for Review- Alternative 2 Abstract: This full day professional development course will seek to bring participants up to speed on where the code arena is now and perhaps where it is heading. This course anticipates that attendees have a fundamental understanding of basic code compliance issues. The current codes environment, instead of unifying the country in terms of creating a single code – as was the idea behind the International Code Council Building and Fire Code family, now presents a quagmire of options including the UBC, BOCA, SBCC, IBC and now the NFPA 5000 code. It would appear that rather than getting more unified, the current situation is more polarized (and politicized) than ever. What’s an EHS professional to do? In this course, the instructor, William R. Acorn, PE will provide participants a review of the currently adopted codes (in various jurisdictions) and compare and contrast them in terms of key compliance issues. As many EHS professionals either currently, or in the future will need to deal with the requirements of a variety of code jurisdictions and their adopted codes, this workshop will provide the participants real world information they can take back to their job and apply immediately. As the basic intent of all of the model codes is consistent (to ensure and enhance the safety of life and property) participants will be provided with the tools required to allow them to evaluate the intent of critical code provisions and identify the means to comply with the seemingly diverse array of compliance criteria presented by the various model codes that are in use today.

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