An examination of Integrated EHS Management Systems in the Semiconductor Industry

Kruse, Travis; Veltri, Anthony
(Grainger Safety Strategy & Solutions; Oregon State University)

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Integrated Management Systems: An examination of organizational strategies employed during the integration of environment, safety & health management systems and lean outcomes of such strategies in the semiconductor industry. Strict environment, safety and health demands from internal and external stakeholders have motivated private sector leaders to adopt environment, safety and health management systems as a way to confront these demands. Moreover, private leaders are being asked to design, implement and continue to improve management systems in a manner that supports lean management principles (i.e., a systematic method for minimizing waste that drives cost). This research was exploratory and confirmatory in design using a mixed-methods (Delphi and case study) approach. Delphi results were derived from responses from a panel of experts which a single integrated ESHMS framework and case study results were derived from an analysis of triangulated evidence from in-depth interviews, observations, internal documents, and short questionnaires and described the organizational strategies employed that supported lean management outcomes.

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