An Integrated Approach to Corporate Fire Protection and Risk Management

Caldwell, Duane
(Seagate Technology LLC, Scotts Valley, CA)

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Seagate Technology is a global leader in the disc drive industry, manufacturing disc drives and key components in cleanroom factories around the world. In the past 5 years, Seagate has reinvented itself, reducing the number of production sites and halving the global employee population while more than doubling production. As part of this business reinvention, Seagate has been developing a holistic approach to fire protection and risk management to ensure a safe work environment, minimize property damage and potential impact to the community, and maximize business continuity. This presentation will describe the process used to develop the new corporate fire protection standard, explain the standard’s role in Seagate’s overall risk management strategy, summarize the content of the standard, and review the implementation process and lessons learned. The development process incorporated risk assessment (including physical, natural, business, corporate cultural, and economic threats), benchmarking, and extensive stakeholder reviews. The standard addresses administrative (e.g., design reviews, management of change, quality and acceptance procedures) as well as engineering standards for building and fire protection system design, construction, and installation. Application of the revised fire protection standard is proceeding at all Seagate sites worldwide, involving sites in a diverse range of cultural, economic, and regulatory environments.

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