Arc Flash Hazard Assessment in the Semiconductor Industry

Polic, Lindsay; Elliott, Larren
(EORM, Laguna Hills, CA and Training Technology, Austin, TX)

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While much has been done to reduce the risks of electrical shocks, many organizations are just now beginning to understand that there is a second hazard to electricity: Electric Arc Flash. This presentation is designed to save lives, prevent disabling injuries, and prevent damage to plants, buildings and equipment. Based on NFPA 70E, attendees will gain further respect for the power of electricity as it applies to the semiconductor facilities. You will learn how to provide contractors and site personnel the proper knowledge and hazard awareness required to work safely in and around the fab environments. The importance of electrical maintenance, coordination and arc flash studies, and effective administrative controls will be emphasized throughout the presentation. In addition, PPE requirements for the various arc flash hazard risk categories will be explained. Who Should Attend: This presentation is intended for conference participants interested in learning more about the hazards, hierarchy of risk controls and current EHS challenges due to the hazards of electric arc flash.

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