SESHA 35th Annual Symposium (2013)

The SESHA 35th Annual International High Technology ESH Symposium and Exhibition will be held aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, March 18-22, 2013.

SESHA Exhibits & Sponsorship

SESHA’s Annual Symposium is the semiconductor industry’s leading forum for advanced technology, attracting decision-makers who need to know where the industry is heading. This Symposium will attract environmental managers, safety engineers, industrial hygienists, occupational health professionals, directors of ESH, consultants, health and safety managers, facilities and operational staff and more.

By exhibiting or sponsoring this symposium, your company will enjoy exclusive access to SESHA members as well as non-member attendees. The attendees represent many disciplines of the high technology industry including environmental, safety, industrial hygiene and facilities engineering from around the world.

This is the perfect venue for you to network, promote your products, develop brand loyalty and distribute information. You can talk face-to-face with your most important clients, customers and buyers.

Why Exhibit? Because it’s a tie to future business. The message of a well-designed exhibit helps you develop new leads while increasing the educational value of the meeting for attendees. Get your message across to decision makers in the high-tech industry at the SESHA 35th Annual Symposium.


March 18 (Monday)

PDC 1:
Electrical Safety
Chris Evanston

PDC 2:

PDC 3:
John Teets

March 20 (Wednesday)

Semiconductor Manufacturing
KEYNOTE – Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Forward Look at Emerging Technologies, Drivers and Challenges
Sanjay Rajguru

Emerging Technologies
Review of III-V on Si Processing Hazards
Steven Trammell, Brett Davis

Risk Management of Emerging Technologies: Nanotechnology/nanomaterials
Lawrence Gibbs

Leveraging Technology to Effectively Manage your Ergonomics Program
Anuja Patil

Insights into Tracer Gas Test Applications for Exhausted Enclosures
John Visty

Arc Flash Hazard Assessment in the Semiconductor Industry
Lindsay Polic, Larren Elliott

Emergency Response Forum
SESHA Emergency Response Forum
Jeanne Yturri, John Visty, Craig; Burns, Dave Allen

Development of Green NF3™: Lowering the Cost and Environmental Impact of NF3 through the use of Additives
Glenn Mitchell

GHG Emissions Monitoring Using EPA Method 320
Steve Hall, Bryan Benaway, Alex Bellon

Abatement Testing – High Performance and Continuous Improvement
Dan Davia, Brian Raley, Bruce Tripp, Joe van Gompel

Determining, Organizing and Presenting GHG/Carbon (CO2e) Footprint Activities & Data
Charles Wurm

A Process-based and Simplified Carbon Footprint Model for Customized Semiconductor Products

How Relevant is the European Ecodesign Directive for the Semiconductor Industry?
Karsten Schischke, Marina Proske, Lutz Stobbe

BIM, LEED, IPD, LEAN – The new Alphabet of the Capital Project
Allan Chasey

PV End of Life Management: Looming Crisis or Environmental Opportunity?
Jim Larson

Codes and Regulations Overview / Update
R. Hanselka

Fundamentals and EHS Challenges of Light Emitting Diode Manufacturing
Andrew McIntyre

March 22 (Friday)

Greenhouse Gas Leadership Forum (ISMI)
Further Info and Preliminary Agenda



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