Certifications and Credentials for Environmental Professionals.

Williams, Jeffrey (Dept of Defense, Fort Meade MD)

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Practitioners in the environmental arena have a number of certifications and registrations that they can obtain. These certifications cover a wide variety of skills, ranging from training, management and engineering practice to hazardous materials and sanitation. There are even certifications for regulatory auditing as well as environmental management auditing. The use of credentials can be beneficial to semiconductor manufacturing operations from both an external and internal perspective. Looking outward from the company, certifications can be a useful measure of the qualifications found in suppliers of consulting and engineering support services. Looking within the company, they can be a measure of in-house capabilities and a metric for future advancement. They can, if not used properly, also provide little or no value added to the company. This presentation will examine the most common types of external certification available in the environmental arena. The strengths and weaknesses of each will be examined, and a comparison made between comparable levels of rival organizations. Additionally a summary of the requirements, sponsoring organizations and points of contact will be included.

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