SESHA 23rd Annual Symposium (2001)

All online information regarding the SESHA 2001 Symposium can be accessed from this page. We are publishing information as soon as it becomes available for the benefit of our members and visitors. Changes are possible and will be posted immediately.


April 10 (Tuesday)

Room 1
PDC 1 – RF Radiation Safety: Understanding the Risks and Practical Solutions
Richard Strickland; Narda and Andy Giles; Global Semiconductor Services

PDC 11 – Building Codes and Standards from the Perspective of the ES&H Professional – Liability Implications of the Standard of Care
William R. Acorn; Acorn Consulting Services

Room 2
PDC 2 – The Basics of a Successful Incident Recovery
Robert Barnes; Robert B. Barnes Associates, Inc.

PDC 8 – Emergency Scene Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Joe Caller; Philips Semiconductor

Room 3
PDC 13 – The Science of Exhaust Management
Joe Van Gompel and Vic Chidgopkar; BOC Edwards, Austin, TX and Wilmington, MA

Room 4
PDC 14 – Silicon Processing – IH Hazards and Controls
Michael Williams; Health Safety & Risk Management Services (HSRMS) and John Visty; EarthTech Microelectronics Group

Room 5
PDC 3 – 14001: Everyone Is Doing It, Can You?
Alicia Oakes; Environmental and Occupational Risk Management

PDC 7 – Air Compliance Strategies for Semiconductor Facilities
Jeanne Yturri; Zephyr Environmental

Room 6
PDC 4 – The OSHA LOTO Standard Is Over 10 Years Old – Where Is Your Hazardous Energy Control Program Today? – A Benchmarking Class
Robert Moats; EORM, Sunnyvale, CA and David Simpson; Intel, Folsom, CA

PDC 12 – Advanced Topics in the Management of a Hazardous Energy Control Program
Robert Moats; EORM, Sunnyvale, CA and David Simpson; Intel, Folsom, CA

Room 7
PDC 5 – Hazardous Gas Monitoring
Organized by: Logan White; Logan White Engineering

PDC 9 – Toxicology and Biometrology of Arsenic Compounds Used in III V Epitaxial Growth Environment.
Nicole Proust; THOMSON-CSF LCR ORSAY France

Room 8
PDC 6 – Design For Product Safety — Understanding SEMI S2/S8/S14
James Wright and Andy Giles; Global Semiconductor Services

PDC 10 – The Practical Use of SEMI S2/S8 Engineering Reports for the EHS Professional
Andrew Giles, James Wright; GS3 and Mollie Foster; Novellus

Room 9
PDC 15 – Effective Use of Process Hazard Analysis to High Technology Equipment
Kristin Malina; EORM

April 12 (Thursday)

Abatement of Effluent Species from MOCVD Processes
Faller, R.

Exhaust Management for the 21st Century: 20 Years In Development
Walker, B.

Development of an E-Business Tool to Facilitate the Equipment Procurement Process
Harralson, M.

Application of a Graphical 3-D Finite Element Computer Model to Characterize and Depict Airflow Patterns in Exhausted Enclosures such as Gasboxes.
Hatfield, J.

Health , Safety and Environment considerations and solutions for large scale molecular beam epitaxy
Middleton , P.

EHS Evaluation of Germanium Tetrafluoride and Decaborane as Ion Implant Source Materials
Roberge, S.

Unique Industrial Hygiene Concerns in Gallium-Arsenide Device Manufacturing Facilities
Jones, A.

SEMI S14 Fire Risk Mitigation using Air Sampling Smoke Detection
Wyman, M.

Student Paper (TBA)

Abatement of Fluorine Process Emissions Utilizing Point-of-Use Abatement with Steam Injection
Jones, R.

Environmentally Compatible Advances In Semiconductor Tool Part Cleaning Technologies
Zuck, D.

Exhaust Optimization for Flammable Gas Use
Peterson, S.

Unique EHS Challenges in the Compound Semiconductor Environment
Romanow, K.

Emergency Release Abatement of MOCVD Precursor Materials
Faller, R.

Removing Arsenic from GaAs Process Wastewater
Peterson, J.

Safe Handling of Compound Semiconductor Exhaust Effluent
Van Gompel, J.

Navigating The Code In A High-Tech Environment – Tools To Enhance Code Compliance.
Frisch, E.

2000 Codes Affecting Hazardous Gas Monitoring
Logan T. White, P.

Beyond Compliance: Contingency and Disaster Planning
Taylor, K.

Current Perspectives in Industrial Hygiene–Microelectronics Manufacturing
Aton, E.

TI New Material ESH Screening
Lotspeich, C.

Gas Chemical Systems
Benson, R.

Roundtable 1 – Room: Rhythm 3
Hot EHS Hazardous Gas Management Topics
Logan White

Roundtable 2 – Room: Rhythm 1
ESH Management of Compound Semiconductors
Brett Davis; Motorola

April 13 (Friday)

Using a Modified HazOp/FMEA Methodology for Assessing System Risk
Trammel, S.

Equipment Fire Risk Assessment: Issues Arising From The First Year of Implementation of SEMI S14-0200
Brown, A.

Multi-layer Protection Analysis for Manufacturing Facilities
Fthenakis, V.

Applying “Process Hazard Analysis”, Designing EHS Compliance into a 150,000 ft2, 300mm Fab
Bilimoria, S.

Challenges in Human Factors Engineering of 300 mm Semiconductor Manufacturing and Equipment.
Macklin, R.

Ergonomics Work Management Model
Duke, L.

Changing the Ergonomics Model for Transfer of New Technologies
Lostetter, M.

An Ergonomic Assessment of Manual Handling of Reticle Pods.
Selan, J.

A Review of Ecosystem Protection Efforts by Regulators
Chiscano-Doyle, C.

Small Business Suppliers – Environmental Stewardship From the Bottom Up
Frisch, E.

Novel Wafer Cleaning Technologies Survey
Pawsat, S.

EHS Considerations For Very Large Chemical Systems in the Semiconductor Industry
Beasley, J.

Identifying, Rating and Measuring Environmental Aspects for ISO 14000 Registration: An Approach That Works.
Aichelmann, R.

Environmental Performance Reporting- Using the ISO 14031 standard as a guide to develop an Environmental Performance Evaluation for your Environmental Management System.
Schmitt, S.

Understanding SEMI S2-0200 Environmental Requirements

Updating Global ESH requirements: A TI Case Study.
Schomer, D.

Alphabit Soup: An Overview of Environmental Regulations
Williams, J.

PFC Emissions Reduction Options —- A Selection Guide for the ESH Professional
Worth, W.

Toxic Release Reporting-Where It’s Been and Where It’s Going
Silberman, K.

The Emerging (and Challenging) Role of Environmental
Trowbridge, P.

New Equipment Procurement Process at Intel
Beaty, C.

Fire Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Sklar, E.

Making Equipment Decommissioning & Decontamination a Part of Daily Operations
Maloney, T.

The Control of Hazardous Energies Standard and Elements of Implementation within a Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility.
Scully, C.

Roundtable 3 – Room: Bayside B
PFC Update
Walter Worth; International SEMATECH

Roundtable 4 – Room: Bayside A
SERF Round Table
Pete Monti



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