Chemical Supply Chain Panel I

Beu, Laurie; Graunke, Dawn
(1) Laurie Beu, Laurie S. Beu Consulting, Austin, TX (2) Dawn Graunke, Intel, Chandler, AZ (3) Michael Castorano, Dow, Marlborough, MA)

The European Union’s REACH regulation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency both require two-way communication between chemical suppliers and downstream users to provide the data required for chemical registration and premanufacture notification. Suppliers must provide information to show chemicals are used in a safe manner and that worker exposure and environmental release are below levels which would cause negative impact. The purpose of the panel is to discuss information sharing across the supply chain. Panel participants include: Todd Rallison, Intel Dawn Graunke, Intel Virginia Cook, JSR Pat Blau, Moses Lake Industries

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