Chemical Waste Facility Qualification Program

Claybaugh, Julianne; Sacre, Jeff
(Intel, Chandler, AZ; CHWMEG, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA)

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Review and approval of waste suppliers is normally a professed corporate policy that is a challenge to satisfy. Typically, the policy is managed using compliance audits. In managing this program, a company must consider the best management of these audits and the best method of conducting the audits. Audits of commercial waste management facilities are conducted to manage risk in a corporation and ensure protection of the environment in the management of commercial or chemical wastes. The audits can be conducted by an internal auditor, a 3rd party consultant, by joining a consortium, or a mixture of the above. Using an internal auditor or a 3rd party consultant can be expensive and time consuming. Based on industry averages, the cost for an audit for a facility in the United States can range from $2,000 -$10,000. For internal auditors, this evaluation does not address the opportunity cost of taking resources away from other matters that could have been completed while focusing resources on this matter. Intel Corporation uses the consortium approach to managing the audit program and is a member of CHWMEG, Inc. CHWMEG, Inc. is a non-profit, corporate member trade association comprised of over 100 member enterprises comprising over 190 corporations. CHWMEG, Inc. performs waste facility audits using its ten highly experienced and qualified CHWMEG, Inc.-preferred auditing contractors. Since numerous auditing contractors are involved in the process, costs to perform the audits are controlled and the highest quality and timely delivery is assured. Members pool their resources to fund audits, and costs are distributed equitably. Report costs are as low as $500 each and typically are less than $800, depending upon the year the audit was performed.

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