Clearing the Confusion on TGO

Anderson, Rebecca
(Palo Alto Research Center)

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A familiar trademark of the semiconductor industry is the introduction of cutting edge technology and new chemistries. Accompanying this progress in industry has been the incorporation of new hazards into the workplace. In light of this, new regulations have been introduced to aid industry in ensuring workplace safety. One such regulation is the Toxic Gas Ordinance (TGO). TGO details safety measures for toxic gases used in industry – covering all aspects from toxic gas monitoring and emergency response, to installation and piping requirements. PURPOSE: In order to assist incoming and novice safety professionals in effectively utilizing the Toxic Gas Safety Ordinance, an analysis and “breakdown” of the current regulations is required. This review will present a functional TGO management template, which will streamline the current regulations. It will be adaptable to the specific needs and characteristic culture of companies in the semiconductor industry, so that professionals can more efficiently implement and maintain a TGO management plan. CONCLUSION: The semiconductor industry is continually exploring new processes for improvement- making products more efficiently and affordably, as well as using safer methods of production. In turn, regulatory agencies also continue to improve their safety measures for industry by introducing new standards and building upon those already in existence. To enhance the safety of our workers requires not only an understanding of the best practices developed in EH&S today, but knowledge of how to put these practices to use in our facilities. By understanding the Toxic Gas Ordinance regulations, the EH&S professional will not only gain a measure of compliance for their workplace, but an additional measure of safety.

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