Closing Session & Business Meeting

John D. Cox, PE, CIH
Principal Consultant
Advanced Technology Solutions

Mr. John D. Cox, PE, CIH has over 30 years experience in the environment health and safety (EH&S) field. He has more than 25 years of experience managing industrial environmental health and safety programs. He is experienced in the development of EH&S management systems and has considerable success in implementing proactive, prevention-based programs, accomplishing significant reductions in operating costs.

Mr. Cox has been an EH&S Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation, EH&S Director for Shipley Company and Vice President of Worldwide Environmental Health and Safety Affairs for Siliconix, Inc. Before founding Advanced Technology Solutions, John served as Executive Vice President for EnviroBusiness, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Cox is a Professional Engineer in both Chemical and Environmental Engineering and an accomplished C.I.H. He has completed consulting assignments for a wide range of chemical process industry and specialty chemicals clients, academic institutions, biotechnology, electronics and pharmaceutical facilities on a worldwide basis in the areas of facility safety code reviews, product safety reviews, training programs, hazardous materials management, indoor air quality evaluations and multimedia EH&S audits. At Advanced Technology Solutions, Mr. Cox specializes in the development of value-added EH&S management systems, industrial hygiene studies, prevention-based indoor air quality programs, health and safety training programs and facilitating product/process/equipment safety reviews.

John is honored to have served the memberships of the Semiconductor Safety Association (SSA) and the Semiconductor Environmental Safety and Health Association (SESHA) in both regional and national leadership positions for the past 25 years.

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