Codes and Standards for Advanced Technology Facilities

Chasey, Allan; Jones, Jennifer; Krishna, Sanjeev
(Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ)

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The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors provides timing for future technical requirements with potential solutions. The Factory Integration Chapter outlines several difficult challenges facing the industry’s continued push to maintain Moore’s law. To preserve the current productivity trend, increasingly complex fabrication facilities requiring a substantial capital investment must be built and ramped faster with more flexibility to adapt to constantly changing business conditions. The challenge to the design and construction industry is to find ways to reduce facility costs and construction time while maintaining compliance with an ever-increasing number of codes, standards, and regulations. To further complicate this issue with the trend in manufacturing towards globalization, different geographical areas have different requirements which influence construction time and costs. To assist in understanding the impact of the many codes and standards, CREATE, a research consortium at Arizona State University, has developed a Codes and Standards Resource Tool that compiles all the major building codes used by the semiconductor industry for the design and construction of a manufacturing facility. This web-based resource tool allows access any time and any place and provides links to other websites for access to material on related cleanroom and semiconductor issues. A compendium of alternative means and methods is available to assist the design and construction team when it is difficult or impossible to comply with the codes exactly as prescribed and an alternate means of compliance must be found. A comprehensive catalogue of published standards is also provided to allow easy searching and retrieval.

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