Compliance Techniques for new Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Higgs, Tim
(Intel, Chandler, AZ)

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New greenhouse gas regulations pertaining to emissions reporting and facility permitting will impose multiple new requirements on semiconductor manufacturers and others in the electronics industries. The mandatory reporting rule for additional sources of fluorinated greenhouse gases (40CFR Part 98, subpart I) will require new approaches for measuring emissions, tracking inventories of fluorinated gases and heat transfer fluids, and add extensive new recordkeeping and reporting requirements. The Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Title V Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule (40CFR Parts 51, 52, 70 et. al.) will subject many sources to major source permitting requirements that have previously been able to avoid such requirements. These sources are likely to experience greatly increased requirements to understand and manage emissions impacts of routine changes, and significantly increased monitoring, reporting and recordkeeping burden. This presentation will examine compliance techniques for meeting the new requirements, and possible approaches for reducing the burden.

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