Conflict minerals ruling – 2014 review and what lies ahead

Pradhan-Kasmalkar*, Revati; Dennis, Tord
(WSP, San Francisco, CA)

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Conflict minerals ruling – 2014 review and what lies ahead Tord Dennis, Practice Leader, Sustainability and Energy, WSP Revati Pradhan-Kasmalkar, Senior Consultant, Sustainability and Energy, WSP In response to the Conflict Minerals Ruling, around 1300+ conflict minerals reports were filed with SEC for CY2013, with only few of them going through IPSA. With CY2014 filings, there will likely be more smelters or refiners reported and companies will have to decide on ways to refine their smelter lists and reporting. This presentation will look at some practices that are being adopted across the high tech industry to enhance their CY2014 conflict minerals programs. The conflict minerals reporting itself still has some aspects of uncertainty associated with the outcome of SEC’s petition and ending of the reporting transition period. In addition, other regions such as EU are in process of coming out with their own conflict minerals laws. NGOs and the industry have been closely following this and the reported impacts from these conflict-free initiatives. With so much focus on the issue of conflict-free and responsible sourcing, companies need to anticipate what lies ahead in terms of supply chain data collection requirements as well as customer requests and position themselves for smooth transition into these responsibilities.

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