Creating the Green Fab standard labeling for Taiwan Semiconductor Industries

LU, Joey ; Cheng, Ju-Hsiu; Shu, F.M.

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In last year’s, there are many industries invest a lot of money and ad-space toward making their products more attractive to consumers who were increasingly concerned with the environmental impacts of products in Taiwan. Because of the need of clean production standards, Taiwan government want to set a “Green Fab Labeling” for each industry in the future. Taiwan semiconductor industry association executes a demonstrated project of the Green Fab Labeling which cooperates with the Ministry of Economic Affairs cooperation in Taiwan. The standard labeling is not like the LEED system, it is focus on the clean production manufacturing. The Green Fab Labeling criteria items including Ecology (Biodiversity Green Plants Sustainable Drainage Systems), Energy (Energy Saving Process Energy Saving (Clean Room) Monitoring Energy Use Green Transport、Green Modes Renewable Energy Source), Waste(Building Waste Reduction and Others issues(Environmental Offset Measures and Education and Training).This article will introduce the TSIA’s member how to assist Taiwan government to create a demonstrate “Green Fab Labeling” for semiconductor and other industry. This paper will also show the contents of standard draft.

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