Determining, Organizing and Presenting GHG/Carbon (CO2e) Footprint Activities & Data

Wurm, Charles
(Micrel Semiconductor, San Jose, CA)

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This program uses combined EXCEL spreadsheets to show the creation and removal of carbon emissions (CO2e). It can be expanded or contracted depending on your activities and uses labeling from the ISO 14064. General Spreadsheet topics: (1) Program Flowchart, Footnotes and References. (2) Direct Carbon Generation: from production process emissions. (3) Direct Carbon Generation: from production support activities such as boiler, heater operations, vehicle use, refrigerant leaks, etc. (4) Indirect Carbon Generation: from support activities such as the creation of electric power off site. (5) On Site Carbon Sinks: determining the removal of carbon emissions (CO2e) from flora. (6) Total Carbon Footprint: combines this data to determine net site carbon emissions and complete operations carbon emissions. This method allows you to better understand, segregate and monitor carbon emisssions (CO2e) and production activities.

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