Developing Top Performers in Your EH&S Organization

Tighe, David
(Bovo-Tighe, Oakley, CA)

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Managers under pressure to reduce budgets and headcount often do not focus enough energy on employee talent development, or leave it to the Human Resources Department to grow their people. In so doing, they likely pass up 20-30% of the capacity of their people. Now is the time, more than ever before, to truly understand and develop the talent in your organization. However, you can’t get there with untargeted or “feel good” training. We will share a unique approach that allows you to assess talent of individuals in your organization accurately, and develop those individuals directly in the areas that make the most difference. We will provide participants with an introduction to a proven, validated method to help accomplish these critical objectives. You will learn: 1)Why you benefit from better employee development, 2)How to assess and measure talent, 3)How to develop talent, 4)How to create development plans that leverage the strengths of employees, and, 5)How to use this information to increase productivity in your organization. After the workshop, you will have the opportunity to sample the assessment process at no charge.

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