Development of an E-Business Tool to Facilitate the Equipment Procurement Process

Harralson, Mark (Intel Corporation)

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Ensuring the acquisition of safe and compliant semiconductor manufacturing equipment requires a very detailed process between the candidate suppliers and equipment end-user. In any selection, each supplier will be required to provide reports of compliance to several industry guidelines (i.e. SEMI S2, SEMI S8). Each of these documents will have deliverable dates, driven by the equipment selection date, which must be tracked. These supplier provided reports need to be reviewed by several different individuals often at different sites. A detailed corrective action plan will be developed by each supplier based on these compliance reports. This corrective action plan is a living document continuously reviewed by Corporate EHS, technology development and volume manufacturing sites. The performance of the supplier in providing these documents at the right time, and the results of the equipment evaluation, are used to create a supplier scorecard Intel can use to evaluate overall supplier performance. Following selection and implementation, the volume manufacturing sites will commonly perform analyses on the tool and potentially create projects for continuous improvement of the tool. We close this information loop by educating the tool selection personnel on the continuous improvement details so that they know what to look for in future selections. The effective sharing of this information and the need to capture all data into one central location has prompted Intel Corporation to develop a web based e-Business tool we call the “Equipment Workstation”. This paper will describe the Equipment Workstation in detail, how it’s capability has improved the efficiency of the procurement process, How we are now able to trend EHS performance over time, how data updates are available world wide instantaneously, and how we intend to improve it in the future by making the database directly available to our suppliers via the web.

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