Development of Effective ESH Educational Programs (Part II) – Developing A Business Case for Training Within a Semiconductor Operation

Gopalakrishna, Varun
(EORM, Inc.)

The afternoon session will feature a short presentation on SEMI S-19 requirements, the upcoming SEMATECH training guideline for training program certification criteria for field personnel training programs and a discussion of key components to consider in implementing a successful initiative in the organization.

After these presentations and discussion, work groups will be formed and each group will be given a different scenario regarding training requirements for the company’s field service engineers. The teams will work together to complete a PowerPoint presentation addressing needs assessment and the preparation of a business justification to management for the development and implementation of an effective EHS training program. This will then be presented by the team to the other course participants, as if they were the senior decision-makers of an organization. The presentation will provide a compelling argument for funding to support appropriate training alternative (e.g., instructor, web-based, a combination of methods, or other alternatives). The rest of the class will vote as to whether to grant funding or hold for further consideration.

Within each group there will be need for a PC equipped with Excel and PowerPoint software. Two laptop PCs will be available from the instructors.

Participants will take away:
– Greater knowledge of alternative training mechanisms
– Basic information on how to implement a Field Services program
– Tools to support a management presentation

NOTE: Part I of this PDC or prior experience developing and/or managing training programs is recommended as a pre-requisite for this course.

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