Don’t be a Dart Throwing Monkey – Current Approaches to Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment

James Kapin
(ACTenviro, Sunnyvale, CA)

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Traditional statistical analysis does not work well for the small data sets available to most industrial hygienists in the Semiconductor industry. In response, “professional judgment” is frequently used to supplement, or even replace statistical evaluation of data. This session will introduce attendees to Bayesian Decision Analysis (BDA), a statistical tool that is specifically tailored to small data sets. Use of BDA, within the framework of the AIHA Exposure Assessment model, can bring consistency and rigor to the evaluation of small sets of air sampling data and can even be used to validate or corroborate our own professional judgment! This session is targeted to practicing industrial hygienists of all levels as well as anyone else who evaluates air sampling data. It will require audience participation however no background or experience with statistics is required (or even desired!).

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