Electronic Specialty Gas and Chemical Product Stewardship

(Air Products and Chemicals Inc, Allentown, PA)

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Air Products and Chemicals Inc as a major supplier of Specialty Gases and Chemicals to the worldwide Electronic’s Industry has an active Product Stewardship program to insure that these products are handled as safely as possible. Many of these products can be highly reactive, toxic and/or corrosive and if handled incorrectly can cause injury or damage. All products are formally risk reviewed on a regular basis to insure that the programs in place are adequate. As part of this program, significant testing is done to better understand the hazards associated with a product or package. This presentation will highlight some of the recent testing that has been done as part of the program: Chlorosilane Container Forklift Impact Damage Chlorine Trifluoride Exposure Studies Cylinder Valve Impact Testing without Cylinder Cap Liquefied Gas Worst Case Releases Data from these studies are used to provide a safer package,PPE and/or handling procedures.

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