Electronics sector interest in EPA’s National Environmental Performance Track program

Foster, John
(U.S. EPA National Environmental Performance Track)

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track (Performance Track) program rewards and recognize facilities and organizations with a proven record of regulatory compliance, an operational Environmental Management System (EMS), and a demonstrated commitment to continued improvement and outreach to the local community and the public. The mission of Performance Track is to improve environmental performance, transform relationships, and encourage innovation through a voluntary program. Member benefits include national recognition by EPA, access to peer exchanges, low inspection priority, use of the Performance Track logo at facilities, and a suite of regulatory incentives currently being developed. The program’s first annual performance report highlights how the program has encouraged environmental performance improvements by facilities in many sectors, including the electronics industry. Over 300 member facilities in 41 states have made environmental commitments in many areas including energy use, air emissions, materials use, waste, habitat restoration, and product performance. With electronics industry facilities representing 14 percent of the current Performance Track membership, significant contributions are already being made within the sector and electronics facilities are already receiving national recognition and compliance benefits from EPA. Learn more about performance track, current member facilities from the electronics sector, and regulatory incentives developments.

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