Emergency Scene Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Caller, Joe
(Philips Semiconductors, Albuquerque, NM)

Use of an Incident Command System (ICS) to manage hazardous materials emergencies is required by both OSHA and the NFPA. Most training classes on the subject tend to emphasize the generic features of the IC model: that the same basic model is used by fire, medical, disaster, and other emergency service providers. This course focuses instead on the unique setting of semiconductor manufacturing, and an ICS deployment to manage that setting under emergency conditions. This PDC is based on a course developed specifically for team leaders of a semiconductor ERT organization, with the primary goal of making incident command more directly applicable to incident they would typically manage. This streamlined version–first presented at the SSA-2000 symposium–retains the hands-on exercises and scenarios that facilitate student learning. More importantly, it presents an instructional methodology that allows emergency-operations coordinators to provide scene management training in their own setting.

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