Environmental 101: Environmental Issues for the Non-environmental Engineer

Stadlman, Cheryl
(Intel, Chandler, AZ)

With the continuing slump in the semi-conductor industry, downsizing is an industry-wide concern. The inevitable outcome is that many Environmental, Health, and Safety professionals will be required to cross-train for more than one of the major EHS disciplines. This course is designed for non-environmental engineers who now find themselves taking over responsibilities once held by their environmental peers. The objective of this PDC is to give Safety and Health professionals basic knowledge of site environmental issues and key environmental programs to focus their attention on while accommodating headcount reductions. The course will cover the major environmental regulations that govern semiconductor facilities, as well as some information on external courses or seminars that may boost EHS professional’s general knowledge of environmental regulations and issues. The course will also cover basic environmental programs that sites may have in place, the importance of these programs, and options for streamlining. During a working session, attendees will review a sample set of existing environmental programs, and propose a structure to support downsizing while maintaining the key elements of a good site environmental program.

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