Environmental Aspects of Emergency Response Operations

Williams, Jeffrey *; Palmer, Vincent
(Department of Defense, Ft. Meade, MD)

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Most semiconductor fabrication facilities, as well as many OEM manufactures, include the staffing of emergency response teams (ERT teams). These teams are required due to the chemical hazards present in the manufacturing process, with the goal of protecting the workforce, the surrounding community and the capital/plant facilities of the site. Another major aspect is the need for these teams to provide similar protection to the external environment. While team training and education generally focus on safety issues, several environmental issues should be considered as well. This presentation will examine the role of environmental issues in the operation and training of ERT teams in two primary areas. One area will review how environmental documentation requirements mesh with information needs of both the ERT team and responding fire departments, and how this information needs to be incorporated in planning efforts. The second primary area will examine the roles and concerns of environmental protection and requirements during an ERT training, response, clean up and close out.

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