Environmental Issues in Assembly and Test

Stadlman, Cheryl
(Intel, Chandler, AZ)

The majority of semi-conductor Environmental, Health, and Safety issues addressed are related to chemicals, materials or equipment in the fab environment. Several reasons, including offshore manufacturing floors and less intrinsically harmful materials, have caused less attention to be paid to the Assembly and Test aspects of the semi-conductor industry. However, with reductions in chip size and increased package complexity, Assembly and Test (A/T) manufacturing sites are facing increased environmental issues. The objective of this course is to review some of the environmental issues becoming of increasing importance to A/T sites, including materials and chemicals of use as well as new processes and their site impacts. The course will also discuss the potential limiters to A/T site growth capability and areas for potentially increased regulatory burden. Attendees will have a workshop session in which to look at several hypothetical A/T processes, including tool sets and process materials and identify the potential environmental concerns associated and options for mitigation.

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