Environmental Performance Reporting- Using the ISO 14031 standard as a guide to develop an Environmental Performance Evaluation for your Environmental Management System.

Schmitt, Shannon (Hyundai Semiconductor America, Eugene, OR)

Beyond ISO 14001 certification, many organizations are looking for methods to help them further improve and understand their Environmental Management Systems (EMS). This paper details the process of establishing an Environmental Performance Evaluation(EPE) for Hyundai Semiconductor America (HSA), an ISO 14001 certified microelectronics manufacturer. HSA used the ISO 14031 standard as a guide to develop environmental performance criteria, provide management with information about EMS performance and evaluate the adequacy of the system in meeting its performance criteria. This paper discusses the process used to select indicators, collect and analyze relevant data, report and communicate results, and review performance. Also discussed are the benefits derived from establishing an EPE and challenges faced in implementation.

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