Environmental Regulatory Developments in the EU

Harte, Shane
(ESIA – European Semiconductor Industry Association)

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ISESH 2011 / SESHA 33rd Annual ESH Symposium Abstract Title : Environmental Regulatory Developments in the European Union Substance restrictions or substance related bans on use are an obvious point of concern for many sections of the high tech sector. They are however not something new for the worldwide semiconductor manufacturing supply chain. Nevertheless the restriction of substances whether through EU RoHS or REACH systems will continue into the forseeable future. In addition the industry needs to prepare activity and roadmap plans to move away from the exempted substance and applications where possible to do so. This presentation will be broad ranging in nature and aim to update the conference on the regulatory developments in Europe in terms of substances restrictions through REACH, EU RoHS or potentially PFOA and the evolution of potential revised flourinated gas regulations within the EU in 2011 and will assess the impact on semiconductor industries. The presentation will also outline the revised exemption review systems under the revised RoHS directive. Author : Shane Harte EECA-ESIA – European Semiconductor Industry Association 11/13 Rue de la Duchesse, B-1150 Bruxelles, Belgium

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