Environmentally-Benign In-Line Cleaning Solutions for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

Chen, Tianiu ; Hogan, Todd ; Korzenski, Michael
(ATMI, Danbury, CT, Intermolecular, San Jose, CA)

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Baseline cleanliness has been an area of concern for the IC production community, and as dimensions of the most advanced ICs continue to shrink it is becoming more critical. In previous geometries, cleans were focused primarily on the product wafer. Now, as shrinkage continues, in-line cleaning of the process tool sets are being enabled. ATMI partnered with a leading OEM to deliver the first such in-line cleaning approach. With the aid of combinatorial screening tools, we developed novel, low odor, and environmentally benign formulations that deliver a time- and cost-effective in-line cleaning method of the OEM tool set.

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