EPA GHG Abatement Testing Protocol and How to Apply It

Van Gompel, Joe
(Edwards Service)

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Determination of destruction or removal efficiency (DRE) of F-GHGs for point-of-use abatement devices is an involved process. The US EPA requires analysts to use the test protocol 430-R-10-003 (The Protocol) or equivalent, based on EPA approval. The procedures described in The Protocol are complex and require considerable planning for successful and efficient testing. For example, The Protocol describes Method 1 testing – flowing gases from the process chamber without a wafer. While Method 1 allows for greater control of the tests as well as easier data workup, process byproducts are not observed. Conversely, Method 2 testing uses live wafers, giving information on byproducts as well as DRE values of the original process gases, but the data workup can be more difficult. This talk will look in detail at testing with both Methods, including partial checklists of items and details for preparation of DRE testing.

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