Establishing Robust Capabilities to go Beyond RBA (formerly EICC) Audits

Sayed Naimi

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For years, companies have passed audits by providing paperwork that was created to reflect conformance, but not the reality of their operations. When the audit is about social and environmental issues, paperwork is insufficient for the well trained/informed auditor. A robust and mature system is required to show not only compliance to the requirements but the ability for continuous improvements. RBA (Formerly Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) Code of Conduct is normally embedded into its member companies Code of Conduct. As a result, compliance is a matter of daily practice, it reflects how a company lives, adapts and matures over time! Building capabilities to mature the management system in the company and its supply chain is the best way to solidify the foundation of compliance and enable growth and improvements overtime. Using a variety of processes Micron has utilized continuous improvement to establish an RBA program recognized by our customers as best in class. As a result of these process Micron RBA program has gone from average performance to near perfect scores with the capability to adapt to the continually evolving RBA requirements. Sayed will share major aspects of this program employed by manufacturing sites to identify best known methods to build cultural awareness and ensure commitment to the RBA Code.

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