Ethical Decision Making in Dual Loyalty Settings

The University of Texas School of Public Health

Many professionals face the dual loyalty conundrum of how to best serve the needs of the client while fulfilling the requirements of management. Where do you turn when these viewpoints collide and how do you resolve this challenge? After attending this presentation, you will be able to (1) define the terms “ethics” and “dual loyalty”, (2) summarize the major concepts that appear in applicable codes of ethics, (3) state in simple terms society’s expectations of health and safety professionals, (4) describe examples of dual loyalty situations, (5) list sources of distrust and (6) apply decision-making tools to clarify, prioritize and justify possible courses of action. We will use an audience response system to capture audience opinions as we explore several common ethical dilemmas. Past audiences have remarked that using the clickers to watch opinion data grow live on the screen was an innovative way to promote participation – and it was fun!

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