Extending the Technology of Sub-Atmospheric Gas Storage and Delivery Systems

Mayer, Jim; Carruthers, Donald; Wang, Luping
(ATMI, Danbury, Ct.)

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For almost ten years, the semiconductor industry has been utilizing a hazardous gas packaging technology trade named SDS. This packaging technology allows for the most hazardous gases in the semiconductor manufacturing environment to be stored and used at sub-atmospheric pressures, greatly reducing the risks associated with using high pressure toxic, flammable gases. Utilizing various sorbent medias within gas packages or containers, large quantities of these toxic/flammable gases are stored, delivered and used with minimum risk and maximum efficiency for the semiconductor process where applied; most commonly, ion implantation. A third and new generation of this technology has been developed and will be presented in detail. The techniques for engineering and manufacturing the new sorbent media will be presented along with testing results of this new generation which will demonstrate its’ continued risk reduction value as well as dramatically expanded storage and delivery capacities per current unit volumes. Detailed testing for product acceptance and usage will also be presented.

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