Fire Safety Challenges for Energetic Materials & Other Developing Technologies

Wyman, Matt
(KFPI Inc.)

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The semiconductor industry continues to develop new process technologies to meet ever-changing demand requirements and achieve new manufacturing milestones. As a result, this has seen the emergence and increased use of new energetic materials and pyrophoric liquids in many new processes (such as ALD). The use of these new materials has not only created new product safety challenges but has greatly increased the fire risks in these tools as well. Many of these materials are pyrophoric, water reactive (explosive), etc. and in many cases the chemical composition of these materials are proprietary and/or undisclosed. As a result, the burning characteristics of these materials are unknown and the “best known methods (BKM)” for detecting and protecting fires involving these materials need to be developed further. KFPI will explain how these challenges affect the ability to design and integrate effective fire safety solutions and what is being done to address these challenges. Also, KFPI will explain how additional process R&D manufacturing has exposed major issues with traditional fire safety compliance, reliability, and effectiveness.

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