Fire Safety Compliance – Why Does it Appear to be the Least Important SEMI S2 Safety System?

Wyman, Matt
(KFPI, Dallas, TX)

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Fire Protection Safety & Compliance is clearly defined by SEMI S2 in Chapter 14. In fact, Chapter 14 encompasses over 4 pages of the SEMI S2 document to detail “Fire Risk Assessment”, “Fire Risk Reduction”, “Fire Detection”, and “Fire Suppression” design and compliance. Also, SEMI S14 is another entire SEMI document dedicated to Fire Risk Assessment & Mitigation. However, when it comes to actual fire protection system integration into semiconductor equipment, it appears that no one actually reviews to make sure the fire safety system is compliant. KFPI has performed numerous 3rd Party inspections and audits of existing semiconductor equipment fire protection systems installed worldwide. KFPI will uncover the numerous fire protection non-compliance issues they have discovered in fabs around the world, many of which were supplied by the tool manufacturer. We will then explain the resulting fire safety hazard for each violation found. Issues include inadequate design, lack of supervision, improper application, improper installation, and imitation equipment.

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